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Jämsä – Just the right size
Population 20,600, population density 13.1 residents per square kilometre

Living near water
14% of the area of Jämsä is covered with water

Jämsä – Close to everything
Less than an hour from Jyväskylä and Tampere

Jämsän Äijä
a happy traveler and tradesman from Jämsä

Personal story

Jämsä has everything a family could wish for

Jämsä has all the services available in cities plus versatile sports facilities and beautiful nature. Pasi Pohjoismäki, CEO of Zaner Architects, says that Jämsä is just the right size for his family.

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Stories of business growth

Urban planning is fast in the City of Jämsä

The Jämsä region still has ample space for new construction and extension by companies. Kari Stenlund, Urban Planning Manager at the City of Jämsä, promises that the city will perform its land use planning duties quickly when companies want to start or expand operations in the area.

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How would you like to live?

Jämsä offers plots for detached houses in and near urban centres with forest and lake views. There are also blocks of flats and terraced houses, either for rent or purchase, both in the city centre and slightly further away amidst nature.


What is your ideal hobby?

Jämsä has some 150 active sports clubs and associations, and a number of sports venues from gyms, ice rinks and tracks to the Himos centre. Culture hobbies are provided by institutions such as the local college of music, community theatres and many more.


Jämsä is in the centre of Finland


See the map of the City of Jämsä!

Distances from Jämsä

  • Helsinki 220 km
  • Tampere 90 km
  • Jyväskylä 55 km
  • Lahti 115 km
  • Turku 250 km
  • Oulu 395 km
  • St Petersburg 450 km


  • Tampere 100 km
  • Jyväskylä 80 km

Train times

  • Helsinki 2 h 44 min
  • Tampere 58 min
  • Jyväskylä 30 min


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