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The international ICT community at Halli

The area around Jämsä Halli is developing into an international data park that offers facilities and services for companies in several fields. The data centres are expected to attract other businesses to the area, as well.

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Patricomp is an aviation company that operates at Halli in Jämsä. Halli is a convenient business environment with competent employees and affordable rents. Nature is also nearby in Halli, says Jari Vasenius, Sales Director at Patricomp.

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Nisula Forest

Nisula Forest’s industrial hall is located in Kuorevesi. “Interest in things is what lies behind our growth. We have always wanted to look for new, simple solutions. In addition,” Nisula Forest’s CEO Ali Nisula says.

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Halli – aviation industry and data park

Halli is known as the centre of excellence of the Finnish aviation industry. The biggest employers are Patria and Patricomp, and the entire area employs around 800 aviation industry professionals. Halli has expertise in aircraft and helicopter assembly, maintenance, complex system and device deliveries and the manufacture of components.

The latest project in Halli is building the largest data park in Finland, on the premises and area of the former Air Force Technical School that now belongs to NxtVn Jämsä Oy. 45 hectares of land are reserved for the business ecosystem required for implementing the data park. Halli’s strengths include the high-profile security structure, international business environment and premium communication links.

Halli is a peaceful and affordable neighbourhood near nature. The plots are located near the centre of Halli, close to services. Halli also has some plots by the lake.



  • 800 jobs in the aviation industry
  • Affordable and comfortable living by the lake
  • Excellent place for teleworking near Tampere
  • Reliability of the electricity network 99.9%
  • NxtVn Oy owns 46.4 hectares that is allocated to the construction of the data park in the master plan
  • The total area covered by the master plan is 62.5 hectares
  • Permitted building volume 371,547 m2
  • Runway at the airport 2,601 x 60 m.
  • Size of the airport 2.6 km.

The future of the area

Halli grows through co-operation.

The Halli master plan is a vision, and its implementation depends on the ability of international data centre operators to realise the unique strengths of Halli as a data centre location.

Data centres almost invariably attract other new businesses that utilise the affordable waste heat in their own production.

Halli is already an aviation industry hub that employs 800 people. Halli has excellent potential to become a growth centre for new technologies, R&D activities, the ICT sector, building automation or aviation.

Download the Halli master plan >>


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