Jämsä city centre

Jämsä municipality’s commercial centre, Seppola, is being actively developed through green construction and land use planning. The master plan for the urban area, speeding up the development of the city centre, will be completed during year 2019. The planned land use will have positive effects on the commercial services in central Jämsä.

Jämsä park becomes a living room for the locals

The green areas in central Jämsä are being developed on the basis of the Jämsä park plan. The outdoor swimming pool area will become one of the landmarks of Jämsä, a living room for the locals and a local sports venue. The swimming facilities of the area were complemented with the addition of the longest bicycling pump track in Finland, which received quite a lot of publicity. The area also have a skateboarding facility, a sports arena covered with artificial turf, outdoor training and fitness equipment, a climbing area and playground, outdoor game areas, beach volley and basketball courts.

Seppola main library project

The new main library of Jämsä will be built on the plot of the former Seppola school. The land owner, the City of Jämsä, is implementing a local plan that allocates the former Seppola school plot to the new library building, as well as residential, business and office premises.  The facilities of the Seppola secondary school were vacated in 2012, when the school moved to the new Paunu school premises. The Seppola school plot is located in central Jämsä, offering excellent opportunities for service businesses.

Partial master plan enables developing the city centre

The City of Jämsä is preparing a partial master plan that sets out the targets for land use development in future decades. The master plan is a strategic document that guides more detailed land use planning and covers the area as a whole. The aim is to complete the plan by 2030.

The aim of the partial master plan is to strengthen the role of Seppola as a commercial centre with grocery stores, specialty shops, large retail shops, pubic services, diverse entertainment and free-time services along with cafés and restaurants.

Below are 3D models of the plans covering Keskuskatu, the Jämsä park and port.


Stories of business growth

A Jeans store with tradition

Vehkala Jeans Dealer is a clothing shop with long roots in Jämsä. The Vehkala shop has operated in the same location in Seppola, central Jämsä, since the late 1930s.

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