Jämsä enticed with its location and affordability

— then came the running paths, beach and friendly people

Jämsä combines the lowest housing costs in Central Finland with good transport connections and excellent recreational opportunities.

Siru and Pasi Suoranta are expecting their belongings to arrive from Tampere’s Vuores to Jämsä, and, more specifically, Puistola in Jämsänkoski any day.

“Had I realised this opportunity earlier, I would have seriously considered commuting to Tampere from Jämsä,” Pasi reflects.

But why leave Tampere and relocate to Jämsä?

“Tampere was an expensive city for us, and we started looking for a more affordable alternative,” Pasi says.

“20 years ago, I would never have believed that I would be moving away from Tampere. I have been quite parochial. However, the Tampere of my youth has changed, and really, Jämsä today feels like what Tampere used to be,” he continues.

“I am originally from Mikkeli, so it was actually quite natural for me to move to a more rural city from Tampere. Even in Tampere, we always gravitated towards the edges of the city,” Siru reflects.

“At first, we toured other towns around Tampere with a radius of 100–200 kilometres. Then, there was a reasonably priced one-bedroom for sale in Jämsänkoski. We went to see it, placed an offer and got it,” Pasi Suoranta recounts what happened.

“We found an apartment that we wanted and noticed that even the services function extremely well. On top of all that, we even got to experience that Jämsä’s residents are so friendly and helpful,” Pasi compliments.

A custom-made home

The apartment that the Suoranta couple bought would have been a decent apartment as it was, but now was also a good opportunity to realise a few wishes.

“It’s wonderful to get to move to a home you have designed yourself. I have designed the kitchen, and we had it custom-built by a cabinetmaker,” Siru explains.

Clean air, nature and cleanliness are things that the Suorantas lift up as significant things in their place of residence. These are all readily available in Jämsä.

“And I have not seen a single person drinking coffee from a paper cup or walking around glued to their phone,” Siru comments on her observations on the Jämsä way of life with a laugh. The couple used to work in the caring industry and is now retired. They are also looking for some leeway in their economy.

“We take care of our health on the Canary Islands during the winters. In the future, it will be easier to travel there, as our living costs will be lower,” Pasi says. The Suoranta couple praises Jämsä’s good location and its transport connections.

“There is a bus stop opposite us, from where we have access to Jyväskylä or the centre of Jämsä, where you can also find the train station,” Siru says.

“There is also a beach close to us in Jämsänkoski. I love swimming more than anything, and it’s a very necessary hobby for my health too,” she highlights.

“I am sure that the next six months will be spent just by getting to know the area and figuring out where each trail takes us to,” Siru ponders.

“All in all, Jämsä has been a positive surprise for us. I would recommend it for others too, and there is no need to hesitate about moving here,” Pasi Suoranta summarises.

A house plot can be reserved for free

Jämsä has the lowest living costs in Central Finland. In addition, it is possible to reserve a house plot for free.

“It’s possible to reserve a plot for free for one year,” confirms Marko Nieminen, Property Engineer at City of Jämsä.

Plots are available in a variety of neighbourhoods in the city.

“We have plots in the areas of four former towns: Jämsä, Jämsänkoski, Länkipohja and Kuorevesi.

Read more about Jämsä’s neighbourhoods and the available plots.

Jämsä has zoned its newer residential areas specifically based on the outdoor activities of each area.

“Right now, the continued zoning of the newest plot area in Särkijärvi is under way. This has been a very popular area measured by Jämsä’s standards. It’s only five kilometres from Himos.”

According to Nieminen, builders of one-family houses are currently interested in flat terrain plots, and that is what the new zoning is creating. If you are interested in reserving a plot and building your own home in Jämsä, contact the Property Engineer and the City’s Building Inspection.

“We will help you with everything to do with the plot reservation,” Nieminen says.