Myllymäki II – Top-quality Business Park

Will this be your company’s new home?


Myllymäki II in Jämsä is ready for companies. The infrastructure is in place, and the area has excellent transport links.

“Companies are often in a hurry when the need for investment arises. Municipalities may struggle to keep up with the required pace,” says Eija Arvaja, Director of Jämsän Yrityskiinteistöt Oy.

However, the City of Jämsä has been keeping up with the times. In June, the Jämsä city council decided to fund an industrial hall in the Myllymäki II area if enough reservations are made for the spaces in the hall.

“This means that if over half of the hall spaces are reserved, construction may begin. It may only take as little as eight months to finish the construction,” says Arvaja.
The preliminary plans for the hall have already been made and the infrastructure in the area is in order. Jämsän Yrityskiinteistöt Oy is ready to start the project at very short notice.

Looking to rent a space in a hall?

The hall could be one used for receiving goods, and it could house several companies. Funding has been planned for a 500–1,200 m2 hall, depending on how much space companies will need.

Companies can choose to rent a space in the hall at first. If the company wishes, it can also buy a space for itself. The purchase may be made in one go or within 5–10 years.

“In that case, the company will pay rent that will count towards the purchase price. The amount of rent will depend on the equipment level of the facilities. Prices start from around EUR 5 per square metre.”

Eija Arvaja is happy to present the various options for premises to companies.


Or would you like premises of your own?

The Myllymäki II area also has plots for entrepreneurs who would like to build their own premises. The area has 16 hectares of plots ready for construction on even ground with sandy soil. There are 31 plots, and their sizes range from 2,000 to 18,000 square metres. All in all, Myllymäki offers a high-quality business park that is an excellent fit for the needs of industry and logistics.

Another business park, Myllymäki I, with companies that have been in business up to 50 years, is located on the other side of the road. Also worth noting is that UPM’s Jämsänkoski factory and a Genencor factory are also located nearby, not forgetting the diverse training selection offered by Gradia Jämsä. The premises of the vocational school are also located within a few kilometres of the business park.

Altogether, Jämsä has an excellent location at the intersection of highways leading to Jyväskylä, Lahti and Tampere. There is also a rail link.  “We are hoping to have a functional logistics centre at Myllymäki,”says Arvaja.