Restaurant Rinne feeds visitors at Himos

Restaurant Rinne in Himos, Jämsä, cooks food from scratch for skiers and other visitors.

We even make buns, doughnuts and pizza dough by ourselves,” Jukka Auterinen, entrepreneur at Restaurant Rinne explains.

Restaurant Rinne by the Himos ski slopes opened on Finnish Independence Day in 2013. According to Auterinen, the idea was to offer Himos’ visitors a high-quality restaurant. The buffet is the current customer-favourite.

We offer a full-service buffet. The menu is all-encompassing, there are several warm dishes, pizza, tacos and drinks. We have also taken vegetarians, vegans and lactose-free diets into consideration,” Auterinen says.

He explains that Restaurant Rinne brought popular après-ski events to Himos. On the Saturday before the interview, the restaurant had organised après-ski from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

There were so many people that we couldn’t even fit everyone in the restaurant’s courtyard,” Auterinen says.

Initially, Restaurant Rinne was open daily, but throughout the years, the opening hours have become more specific. Now, Restaurant Rinne is open during the ski season in the winter, the Himos festival and as needed for various events.

There’s so much to do, us entrepreneurs are fully involved. My wife Tytti Auterinen bakes everything herself and is also the main person in charge of the cooking,” Jukka Auterinen explains.

Restaurant Rinne is a part of Himosmajoitus’ services. The accommodation check-in is in the same building as the restaurant.

Himosmajoitus started renting out cabins for travellers during the ski season 2001–2002. Before Restaurant Rinne, the check-in was in the café-restaurant Vuorikahvio higher up the slopes. Auterinen explains that as the operations grew, it was better to have the check-in away from the slopes.

“We started out with very little, but were successful right away. Now we have 70 cabins in Himos with approximately 500–700 beds.”

Jukka Auterinen sees Himos as a safe place for an entrepreneur.

“Himos has grown big enough that it will not be affected by economic fluctuations,” he states.

Auterinen says that Himos should be developed even further. He is a part of a quality management group that is a discussion forum for development in the area.

“We are jointly considering how we could make tomorrow even greater. Cooperation is the only way to reach good results.”

Auterinen thinks that Jämsä is situated in a great location, which is a huge advantage for an entrepreneur.

“Jämsä has great connections everywhere and the city is also located quite close to big centres.”

Jukka Auterinen, entrepreneur