UPM: Excellent timber resources in Jämsä region

The paper industry has been the most significant field of industry in the Jämsä region for decades. The UPM Jokilaakso factories in Jämsä consists of two companies, the UPM Paper ENA Oy and UPM Specialty Papers Oy. Paper ENA produces graphical paper in Jämsänkoski and Kaipola, and Specialty Papers produces sticker and package paper in Jämsänkoski.

General manager for the Jokilaakso factories, Antti Hermonen, says that the Jämsä region has excellent raw material resources for paper factories, there are good timber resources throughout the area.

-Together with the saw industry in Central Finland we can effectively utilise the timber harvested in the area, Hermonen says.

Good transport connections are, according to Hermonen, the other benefit for the local paper industry. They are actually a vital condition for competitive business.

The products of the paper industry in Finland are mostly for export, even though a significant part of the paper for newspapers produced in Kaipola will be used in Finland.

-The railroad connection with two trains daily to Rauma gives us the sense of being next to a harbour even though we are actually quite far from it. The development of roads and railroads must also receive investments in the future, Antti Hermonen says.

Highway connections to Vuosaari harbor for example and to Finnish customers must also be in good condition. The timber supply for factories depends on the road network.

Co-operation with the town of Jämsä

The co-operation between the town of Jämsä and UPM has, according to Hermonen, been fluent. The relationship is close and discussion is smooth.

-Starting from town planning our co-operation has been good, all the decisions have been made swiftly. We keep the other well informed.

UPM is a significant employer in Jämsä region. It has lots of local businesses as subcontractors such as in timber harvesting, garbage management and maintenance.

-75 timber trucks arrive at the Jokilaakso factories every day, and this guarantees a significant sales profit for local forest owners and also a huge amount of work in the whole production chain, Antti Hermonen says.

UPM factories have a good reputation in the Jämsä region, and their long tradition in the area has a part in this.

-Our factories are being seen as an attractive employer, and this guarantees that we have a good and professional workforce, Hermonen tells us.