Town mayor Salminen: You can’t pass Jämsä

The location, the location and the location, the mayor of Jämsä Ilkka Salminen starts the list when you ask him about what is best about Jämsä for business owners.

-Jämsä is located at the crossroads between Jyväskylä, Tampere and Lahti, and you just can’t pass this place, Salminen says.

There is also more good and value in Jämsä beyond just the location. Salminen tells us that the Jämsä region is Europe’s leading paper manufacturer. New extensive businesses are also opening in Jämsä.

-The new, large data center park in Halli will be as wide as 65 hectares, Salminen says.

The population of Jämsä is approximately 21 500, but large mass events make the town busier than one might assume. The machinery trade show FinnMETKO brings 35 000 visitors to Myllymäki in Jämsä. Events in Himos get large crowds. Mass sports events also take place in Jämsä, 15 000 people participated in the orienteering competition Jukolan viesti in Jämsä in 2013.

Thanks to its central location, huge numbers of people travel through Jämsä. Approximately 3,6 million cars drive through the roundabout where roads from Jyväskylä, Tampere and Lahti intersect.

Good structure for businesses

Jämsä is a stable town with a solid economy. The communal tax percentage in Jämsä is 21, and according to Salminen, there is no need to raise that figure.

-Jämsä is a strong, independent town. We will not be merging with other towns. Healthcare in Jämsä is in excellent condition. If I break my knee today, I could very well be in surgery the same week.

Jämsä also has the benefits of a small town. Living expenses are the lowest in the county.

The co-operation between the town of Jämsä and business owners in the region is excellent. Salminen says that town planning works fine in Jämsä. Zoning plan has just been updated, and there will be no surprises in that area.

The big companies who have been in Jämsä for a long time, such as paper factories in Jämsänjokilaakso, Patria, ThyssenKrupp and the Elonen bakery, as well as tourism in Himos and in Päijänne, guarantee that Jämsä is a fine place for running a business. All the required structures for businesses are in good shape.

-Jämsänjokilaakso is in the top five when it comes to electricity consumption in the whole country. With the new data center park there will be an extremely fast data connection in Halli, town mayor Salminen tells us.

Basic services and opportunities for hobbies

As a home town, Jämsä is a safe place with all the needed services. Salminen says that you need to travel to bigger towns only if you want to see opera. For families with children Jämsä in a good choice.

-Jämsä has it’s own high school, and all school buildings are in good condition. We have renovated schools with tens of millions of euros, Ilkka Salminen tells us.

Opportunities for different hobbies are abundant in Jämsä, especially in sports from cross country skiing and slalom in Himos to different sports clubs.

-You can practice dancing in four different clubs in Jämsä. We have three indoor ice hockey rinks and lots of sports clubs, a swimming hall and the Jukka Virtanen football stadium, Salminen tells us.

Salminen’s own hobbies are golf, motor bikes and forestry. He says that Himos also has an excellent golf course.