Myllymäki II welcomes businesses

The industrial area in Myllymäki is well located between Jämsä and Jämsänkoski. Highway 9 from Jyväskylä to Tampere is only seven kilometers away. CEO Jussi Konttila from the waste management company, Erkki Salminen Oy, says that Myllymäki is within an easy reach from every direction, and roads are in excellent condition from everywhere to Myllymäki.

-Our customers often come to us, people come from their summer homes bringing their dumpsters.

The Myllymäki industrial area has recently expanded. Over 50 companies are located in the old Myllymäki 1 area, and some of them have been in business for 50 years. For example, the area has companies in the metal, transport, construction and lumber industries.

The new Myllymäki II area has over 16 hectares of vacant lots waiting for construction work.

Myllymäki is an excellent place to build. The moor in Myllymäki has a good soil for construction, Jussi Konttila tells us.

Myllymäki is great for industry

Konttila hopes that more companies will come to Myllymäki. He says that the area has been developed and now this development should be put to good use. Myllymäki is an excellent place to start a business or to expand.

Myllymäki has a lot of space and good possibilities for growth, there’s no problem for expansion here.

Erkki Salminen Oy co-operates with other companies in Myllymäki, for example with machine shop companies, and to some extent with transportation companies. Erkki Salminen Oy’s clients are local households, companies and the town of Jämsä. UPM paper factories in Jämsänkoski are a big and important client.

-We have a very good environment for business operation, Konttila says.

Konttila thinks that Jämsä is a great place to run a business. He tells that from his own experience, everything works fine with the town administration.

-A few years ago we invested in large industrial halls. The town did its job extremely fast. They swiftly proceeded with our case, the contracts were signed and we were able to start the work without wasting any time.