A Jeans store with tradition

The Vehkala Jeans Dealer is a traditional clothing store in Jämsä. The shop has been in the same place in the center of Jämsä, in Seppola since the 1930’s.

-My grandparents moved to Jämsä in 1938, they bought this building and started the Vehkala shop. Their first born son and daughter-in-law, my parents, continued the business from the 1960’s to the mid-1990’s, and after that I have been taking care of the Vehkala shop, Markku Vehkala tells us.

In the beginning Vehkala’s shop was a cafe, but soon clothing took over. From the early 1970’s onwards the shop has concentrated on selling jeans.

Markku Vehkala says locals make up the customer base, but a lot of visitors also come to Vehkala’s shop. A large number of people on holidays visit Himos, and the Jämsä area also has quite a lot of summer cottages, and these people come to Vehkala all year long.

The Vehkala Jeans Dealer took part in the television show Erikoisliikemiehet Petelius & Perälä (The Specialty Shop Men Petelius & Perälä) on channel Four in late January. Markku Vehkala tells us that the show brought in many new customers from all over Finland.

-We’ve had people coming from Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and even all the way from Sweden. They were traveling in Finland, and decided to come to Jämsä after they saw the television show.

Jämsä is a central marketplace

Markku Vehkala thinks that the best thing about Jämsä as a marketplace is its central location. It is easy to get to Jämsä from everywhere, good connections through roads and railroads lead in every direction.

-Jämsä is also an exceptionally beautiful and lush lake district area, Vehkala says.

He praises town of Jämsä for the help it gives to entrepreneurs.

-Everything works great with the town administration. I have always got help when I’ve asked for it.

Jämsä is a town where everything runs smoothly, Vehkala says. He tells that the production crew of the Erikoisliikemiehet television show was impressed with how easy everything was in Jämsä.

-The producer was impressed with how unbelievably not complicated everything was, the co-operation with the town and other business owners was great. When they asked for help, the answer was always ”yes, of course”. Closing the streets, permissions and everything else was just so easy, Vehkala tells us.

The Vehkala Jeans Dealer is also going to develop their web store in the near future.

-Our base will be our shop in Seppola and in personal service for customers, but the web shop offers an interesting addition, and it’s also a shop window especially for people far away from Jämsä, Markku Vehkala says.