FinnMETKO has grown into a large-scale industry fair

Jämsä is an excellent place to stage big trade shows. The FinnMETKO, trade show for machinery, has been organised in Jämsä 16 times since the late 1980’s.

Trade show director for FinnMETKO, Erkki Eilavaara, says Jämsä is a great place for trade shows particularly because of its excellent location.

-Jämsä is at the crossroads, and next to the railroad. Roads lead to Lahti, Jyväskylä and Tampere, as well as to Mänttä and Petäjävesi.

According to Eilavaara, Jämsä is also a lot cheaper to organise huge trade shows than bigger towns. When it comes to accommodation, Jämsä is actually better than most towns in Finland.

-There are over 3000 hotel beds or holiday cottage beds in Himos and in Jämsä, and that’s more than in Tampere or Jyväskylä. Jämsä also has all required services.

FinnMETKO has laid it roots in the Jämsä region and Myllymäki, and therefore the organisation has also invested in the roads and parking lots of the area. Eilavaara says that other locations have also been considered for hosting the trade show, but according to him leaving Jämsä would be a huge blow to FinnMETKO.

-Our guests and clients are within few hours from Jämsä, Eilavaara says.

Jämsä supports FinnMETKO

The co-operation between FinnMETKO, the town of Jämsä, local businesses, residents and land owners has been brilliant, says Eilavaara.

-The town of Jämsänkoski, and later Jämsä, have supported us exceptionally well. The contract atmosphere is very good. We do not need financial support, Eilavaara states.

FinnMETKO started in 1987 as a small trade show for a few hundred visitors. 30 years later it has developed into a big, three-day fair with approximately 36 000 visitors. There is a lot more on display than just farming and lumber industry machines.

-FinnMETKO is not just a machinery fair anymore, it is more of a multi-sector trade show for different kinds of businesses. For example, logistics has a big part in the fair now, Eilavaara tells us.

He says the reason for FinnMETKO’s success is in co-operation. FinnMETKO has trained its subcontractors, and its own staff is also very skilled.

Eilavaara says the investments FinnMETKO has made in the Myllymäki fair area have also benefitted others who are using the same area. In Myllymäki for example, there have been dog shows, rally car races and the mass orienteering competition Jukolan Viesti.