Crossroads and thousands of visitors a day

Hotel Jämsä and the service station Neste Jämsän Portti are located next to each other on opposite sides of the road. This is a crossroads area, where Kauhkialantie road, which leads to Jämsä, connects with the Jyväskylä-Tampere road and the road to Lahti. The location is excellent for businesses. Annually, 3.6 million cars drive through the roundabout where the roads cross.

The managing director of the Hotel Jämsä, Hennariikka Hasala, says it is easy for the visitors to stop at the crossroads.

-Our hotel is clearly visible to passing cars. Even though there is so much traffic here, the crossroads area is cozy and country-like.

The crossroads area in Jämsä has become well known to travelers.

-Our customers really know the paper machine cylinder, that is in the middle of the roundabout, well and they also know the moose statue in front of the hotel, Hasala says.

Being close to Jyväskylä is beneficial for the Hotel Jämsä. Hasala says, that Hotel Jämsä works as a backup hotel when there are big fairs or other mass events in Jyväskylä. If the hotels in Jyväskylä are fully booked, some visitors will come all the way to Jämsä.

There’s still plenty of room for new businesses in the crossroads area. Hasala says that Hotel Jämsä benefits from everything that moves people and groups. For example, she remembers that there were plans to build an indoor sports hall for athletes and an indoor play ground for kids in the area.

The crossroads is a busy marketplace

The business owner for Neste Jämsän Portti, Matti Järvinen, thinks that the crossroads area is the best place for them in Jämsä. Near the crossroads they not only get customers from local areas but also from travelers passing through.

The large amount of travelers visiting Neste Jämsän Portti has also affected the services they provide to customers. Järvinen thinks that Neste Jämsän Portti would not have developed into what it is today if the client base would have been made up of local residents only.

-Lately we have developed our restaurants. More services for people are now needed, nowadays, cars don’t require as much service.

Clientele from the nearby resort Himos, is clearly visible in the customer base of Neste Jämsän Portti, especially during the prime season, says Järvinen.

-When there is a big event in Jämsä, we can see it in our customers. Also in winter time we get a lot of skiers here.

Järvinen says that there is still room for new businesses in the crossroads area. There is a lot of unused potential in the area, and vacant lots are also available. The customer flow is already in place for new businesses.

-This would be a good location for shopping centers, or for outlet stores.

The crossroads area will not lose traffic anytime in the near future. Järvinen tells us that when the Tokmanni department store came to the area a while ago, an investigation on traffic flow was made. According to the investigation, the traffic through the crossroads area will still increase by approximately one percent every year.